Thursday is sock day

It’s Thursday and in my house these days means that it’s time to make sure I have a sock for knitting tonight at Knit Nite.

Currently the only socks on the needles are some S.M.I.L.E. socks that were for the boy but now that he’s gone are for me. Heh. Those are my carry around in my purse socks though so it’s time to start a new pair.

After the last pair I knitted I decided that it was time to knit a pair for me as I only have 6 pairs of socks. Now I could work on the Tofutsie’s sock that got shredded and I need to knit another one but … eh. The yarn is small and I just got done with some small small yarn. Instead I decided that I’d work on the sock yarn dyed by my local Fiber Floozy. It’s light rust, dark apple green, lavender, peach and pink. Trust me, it looks just like me.

I did have a pattern picked out but when I went to check out the base yarn to see what gauge it was knitting up Monkey socks were popping out at me everywhere. I knitted this pattern once and loved it. As a result just about everyone in my local group who knits socks has knit this pattern. But the socks I knit weren’t for me and it’s high time I had some Monkey’s of my own.

Here’s how they turned out last time…


How could I not want a pair of my own?? I’m off to swatch!


Some breathing room

Project Finish These UFOs is coming along nicely.  Partially because I’ve admitted defeat.  I was knitting Mr Ben for my nephews for Christmas.  Well, actually 2 Mr Bens.  Not long after I started the project there was a little voice inside my head that said “Tigs, this isn’t right.”  Naturally I ignored that voice.

I ignored it when it pointed out that these toys were not washable.  I ignored it when it pointed out that the wool was very very fine and I ignored it when I saw how big the monkey would turn out.

Finally, when I was stuffing Mr Ben #1 last week I could ignore it no more.  One snag and Mr Ben would be Mr Shred.  This was simply not a toy for a little guy.  Last night, I finally admitted it to myself and in doing so I also admitted that I had committed the error that so many other knitters I know are guilty of.  Not every gift must be knitted.  So the boys will get something not knitted from me this year.  Maybe, when they are older and have requests I will knit for them but this year’s gift just wasn’t meant to be.

I’ll still finish Mr Ben and he’ll find a good home some day.  The yarn for Mr Ben #2 will find another purpose and yet another project will be cleared off my list.

This takes me down to the Shipwreck Shawl, the faroese shawl, the art deco tam and my KAL sweater.  Now I can attack that pile of sock yarn for Soozy, who, in a very strange coincidence, sent me a message this morning asking for more socks.

Friday means. Art Deco Tam


I took a class from M’Lou Baber at Ewephoria this past February in double knitting. M’Lou literally wrote the book on Double Knitting. She’s a freaking genius and having her in our knitting group is a major treat. We have been privileged to see some of her designs that weren’t in the first book but hopefully will be in future books that we are trying to talk her into writing.

But I digress. I am working on the art deco tam that goes with the art deco coat in the book. Mine is being knitted in Silky Wool in a lovely milk chocolate brown and dusty mint green.

This project has taken much longer than I thought it would. Partially because I let it hibernate for months and partially because this style of knitting is way more time consuming than I thought it would be.

I knew M’Lou’s designs were amazing but I am even more impressed because she has knit more sweaters than I can count in record time.

Its Wednesday…


In my world that means its lace shawl knitting day. Yes, that poor ignored Mountain Colors Wool Crepe Shetland Lace Patterned Faroese Shawl that I started last year.

The good news is that the Shipwreck Shawl from Knitty has cutes me of the issues I was having with lace and charts so the shetland lace shawl is so much less intimidating now. I keep finding myself sneaking in a few rows when it isn’t this project’s day. These means that soon this shawl will be off the needles and Project Finish These UFOs will have cleared 3 hibernated projects.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I am only on row 159 of 172 of the chart and then I believe there are several rows of garter stitch in my future.

In other news, The Boy has announced that he is ready to start his first project. Cold weather has arrived in Idaho and suddenly a wool hat is very appealing to him.

Its a simple two color stockinette hat with a bit of 2×2 rib but he’s already planning a Dallas Cowboys intarsia hat for his next project.

Test post

Testing posting from my phone

Romanian macrame

Ever heard of it? Me either until last Saturday. Know somebody who knows about it? Let me know.

This piece was made by a lady we met named Lucy, this was her first “simple” piece made when she was 14.



Amazing, no?

Hello world!

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